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Building houses & buildings that are going to be environmentally friendly. Green Logic Construction is a Dallas Metroplex green construction, remodeling and general contracting company.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Helping the environment, but to also create something sustainable that will inevitably save the money..

Eco-Friendly Practices

Eco-Friendly Results

Trying to reduce the amount of trash, pollution, and the degradation of the environment

Green Construction

When you hear the term Green construction, it is referencing building homes and buildings that are going to be environmentally friendly. The materials that are used, and the many different components of an environmentally friendly structure, are built directly into the system. For example, a house could have a multitude of windows that could provide additional light into the home, cutting back on the amount of electricity that is used. It could also be powered by solar panels, or entire solar arrays, allowing the owners to sell the electricity back to the electric company. Let’s first define what a green structure is, and then go into the many benefits of Green construction.

What Is A Green Structure?
By definition, this references a structure that is environmentally responsible. It is resource efficient, utilizing materials that are typically recycle. Although this may not be possible when using the lumber for the structure of a home, different materials such as carpet, plywood, particleboard, and even the roofing material, can all be the result of recycled products. Once this is put together, it will not only be beneficial for the environment on a whole, but it can generate its own power to become self-sustaining.

Why People Go Green?
The reason that so many people go Green is because they are trying to reduce the amount of pollution, trash, and the general degradation of the environment. They can save on water by installing reusable systems that can be part of the house such as for flushing toilets. These houses are also made in an energy efficient way, making them airtight, preventing the unnecessary transfer of heat or cool air. They do this to not only help the environment, but to also create something sustainable that will inevitably save the money.

Although some people will state that going green will actually cost more money, this is not the case in most situations. Some of the products can be more expensive, but when looking at this in the long term is actually the most cost-effective thing to do. The amount of money that you will save on your utility bills will be extensive over a decade or more, additionally, the amount of resources that will be saved as a result of going green, when this is done by millions of people, can make a positive impact on our world.

“Loved our finished product.  Massive renovation effort with so many different trades under one banner.But we couldn’t ask for a better one stop shop to execute on our vision for our dream home.”

Amy Blake, Plano, TX

“I really enjoyed working with the people at Green Logic Construction.. They were very friendly, efficient, and flexible. They listened to my ideas and incorporated them into the plan.”

Drake T., Frisco, Texas


Green Logic Construction is a Dallas-based residential construction company who believes in building high performance, energy efficient homes that will provide years of comfort and value to our clients. More….

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